About Pout


Pout is an inclusive Beauty Bar based in Los Angeles, offering makeup and hair services, private artistry classes, and an assortment of Los Angeles based beauty brands. Proudly female-owned and operated, Pout is the shared vision of pro makeup artist Nicole Faulkner (aka Lipsticknick) and her best friend and manager, Esther Koop.

After years spent working behind the scenes on television and independent film sets, Nicole’s bold makeup style captured the attention of Hollywood, earning her numerous red carpet credits, the role of Director of Artistry for cult-favorite cosmetics brand, Morphe, and two Emmy nominations for her work on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Nicole’s deep passion for glam and her desire to give back to the beauty community lead to the inception of Pout.

Unlike its local contemporaries, Pout skips the hushed spa music and muted palette in favor of a vibrant, tactile space where guests and artists alike can express themselves through the world of beauty. Pout’s distinct design takes colorful cues from Los Angeles street culture – from the glam rock graffiti installation and pop art mural, to the exposed industrial ceiling.

Guests can choose from an array of makeup services and dry hair styles provided by a team of pro artists, hand-selected and trained by Nicole. Pout also caters to men, from simple men’s makeup to extreme drag looks.

Pout will also host a series of private masterclasses taught by Nicole and local celebrity artists. Guests can shop Pout’s retail assortment personally curated by Nicole. These products include LA-based beauty brand staples that she uses in her professional makeup kit.

Pout encourages everyone with a passion for all things beauty to come express themselves in a like-minded, art loving and creative community.

Our Founders

Nicole Faulkner


Nicole is an Emmy Award-WInning Celebrity Makeup Artist-turned-entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to empowering her clients through the art of makeup. With nearly 11 year’s experience, Nicole is an artist who strongly believes in the power of hard work, sacrifice and believing in others. Positive and optimistic, Nicole has never been afraid to take risks or be unapologetically fearless with her art and ideas. She dreams of opening a second Pout location in the near future and continuing to breaking boundaries in the beauty industry.

Esther Koop


Esther is the Founder and CEO of Duo Management, which blossomed from her relationship with Nicole while touring and traveling the world together. From managing clients to planning makeup tours across the U.S., Esther strives to align herself alongside innovative talent that stands out in the beauty community. It is a dream of hers to be partnering with her longtime friend and client, Nicole, to create something unique and inclusive in Los Angeles.